3 Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Digital marketing has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years. It has evolved so much that there are segments of it like social media marketing or email marketing that have become disciplines in and of itself. In fact, it has become such a multidimensional stream that even the most experienced of digital marketers end up making mistakes.

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Here is a list of common mistakes that people make in digital marketing.

  1. Not Having a Plan in Place

Many people make the mistake of doing digital marketing without having a proper plan in place. In absence of a plan, you don’t know what your efforts need to deliver. A lot of digital marketing is also behavioural marketing which means you are trying to drive a particular behaviour from your audience. In this case you need to be prepared for what happens if the behaviour is displayed and what happens if it is not displayed.

  1. Using Incorrect Channels

Marketers often end up using wrong channels for generating certain type of specific results. For example, if you are trying to generate more business from your neighbourhood then you should be focused on online business directories for local businesses. Similarly, for global business generation you may want to explore LinkedIn as a channel and not Facebook.

  1. Using Incorrect Metrics

Each digital channel has its own set of metrics that give you an understanding of the performance of a campaign. For example you may want to measure the number of impressions generated from a Twitter campaign. But for email campaign you should look at open rates and click rates. So do not end up using the wrong metric for measuring the results for a certain channel.