How to Adhere to Faith Explains Pastor TB Joshua

It is not easy to define faith. The meaning is not only vast, the meaning demands deeper understanding of spirituality. When nothing works in life, people usually turn their backs to God and everything that represents life. They usually start feeling abandoned by the higher power. However, this is not the right path says TB Joshua, a pastor who has immense faith in Jesus and has helped countless people to gain their faith back. Joshua says that without difficulties you would never find the truest meaning of life. He says that without difficulties you would never find the purest form of the lord’s love. This is the reason, never fear difficulties or the time of life which creates havoc sometimes.

When nothing is working it is usually a time to surrender to a higher power. Life and its difficulties are all beyond control of human hands. Even if you want, you will not be able to control the situation sometimes. During this time you would need the helping hand of a divine power the most. People like Joshua who work with God all the time, help people to find the light when the tunnel is too dark. He works closely with the devotees. He discusses the problems with them. Sometimes all someone needs is a pair of ears which would hear the agony. Joshua does just that. He lends his ears to the people and hears them out. This is the biggest assistance he provides to all.

TB Joshua has discovered that when nothing is going right people usually retreat into their shells. People usually try to withdraw from the world and stay away. This does not work says Joshua. Withdrawing from a problem will never help you in life. The best thing to do is keep working. Yes, this is the best thing to do. If you are not being able to find the strength to work, you can workout. Sweating would help you get rid of the frustration which you feel in your daily life. Sweating would help you become calm when the rage erupts like volcano.

However, only working out would not help you find the peace that you desire and deserve. For that you would need a spiritual teacher. You would need a devotee who has dedicated their lives to the service of Jesus. Such a devotee would be able to help you find the path which leads to Jesus and to the ultimate peace.

Writing down your problems would help too. When nothing works, you can start journaling down your problems. This works like a therapy. In fact journaling is a therapy. Once you have written things down on the paper, you have become aware of the problems that you are facing. You would know which issue needs fixing. However, it is not always possible to find the path just by writing things down. Sometimes it becomes essential that you talk to someone. Spiritual teacher helps in different ways. A spiritual teacher would help restoring the faith that you have lost and also will set you on the path of God.

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