What are the Best Strains for PMS?

Women who suffer from PMS are most often looking for strains of weed that can reduce the pain that they experience. When selecting a strain, we would highly recommend that you focus your search on Indica strains. These types of strains are well known to reduce pain, a quality that many Sativa’s lack.

So, what strains should you consider?

Obama Kush

This is probably the most popular strain for PMS. It is a hybrid between a Sativa and an Indica. Obama Kush is excellent for reducing pain, but it also does a lot more than that too. It can help with reducing cramps, tiredness and diarrhea. It is also known to improve the mood of the user, which can be useful when symptoms of PMS are at their worst, and allows you to have a better frame of mind to face the day.

Black Cherry Cheesecake

We do admit that this is quite a wacky name for a cannabis strain. This is a strong Indica which is designed for dampening even the most intense of pains. It is particularly long lasting, as anecdotal evidence suggests that Black Cherry Cheesecake can last for around two to three hours. We would recommend however that you only use this strain prior to going to bed, as it can induce feelings of lethargy.

Blue Dream

Another strong Indica to consider is Blue Dream. This is a great strain to use if you are looking to reduce pain, while having a nice effect on the cerebral cortex of your brain. Users of Blue Dream often report feelings of mellowness when they use the strain, and is an ideal strain to use before you go to work in the morning, as it can give you that “get up and go” feeling. It is ideal for helping to settle the stomach, and helps get rid of the negativity from your day.

Dutch Treat

This is a hybrid strain that is also able to increase motivation. It can control and lessen any mood swings that you suffer from, but also provides an excellent level of pain relief. The Dutch Treat strain does produce a nice high, so you may want to consider another strain if you don’t want a psychoactive effect on your brain.

Purple Urkle

For when you are having the most severe of pains, Purple Urkle should be the strain that you should go to. It is not recommended to use this strain when you have a lot to do, as it can induce feelings of lethargy. It is a good choice however just before bed to make you feel relaxed. We’d recommend this strain only when you have built up a tolerance for THC.

For more recommendations, consult your local dispensary. You can find your local dispensary by using the “dispensary near me” tool on Good luck!

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