Create Fake Government Proof | How To Create Fake Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Driving License

fake government proof

Yes! you can make your own identity card in just a few minutes of sitting at home. These id cards cannot be used for any serious legal work but you can just use them for any kind of prank. Also, you can validate your blocked facebook account with the help of these proofs. With the help of this id proofs, you can open your blocked account on facebook easily in just 24 hours.

Please note that there are so many apps available in the online store who claim to provide fake id cards but actually they don’t do. To create any kind of fake government id proof you will need an android phone and internet connection to download the app.

How to create a fake id proof?


The first step is to go to play store and download PHONTO app. This application will help you to create a fake government proof. So many people get confused to¬†use the font! so don’t get confused as they do. The font will help you to write basic information. Write the information on a blank template of ID PROOF. You have to use Roboto regular app for inserting the details in fake government proof.


font on phonto

  • Open the phonto app and load the blank id card in it ( you can get it from google ). Please remember that date of birth and name must be blank on that card.
  • Now in place of blank name add your own name through text adder. Don’t forget to select Roboto font before doing it.
  • Colour of the font must be normal.
  • Size of the text must be an original one.
  • After adding the all information save it.
  • In case you get any watermark of the app go to the gallery where you have saved the image of generated id proof and crop it. This will help you to exclude the watermark from proof and make it look like the original one.

This application will help you to create many governments id proofs. These id proofs can be used in many cases such as prank, fake claiming, fake verification of less authentic. Also, you can verify your facebook account with this id proof.

Please make sure that the use of these id proofs in any illegal activity will lead you to serious punishment. Using fake ids is strictly against rules and regulations of government.

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