[Free] How To Make Pan Card Online in Just 5 Minutes

What is the pan card?

Pan card

Pan card refers to the permanent account number. This number is provided in a card of lifetime validity for all kind of financial transactions. Let me explain you simple words why everyone searches for a method of How To Make Pan Card Online? The reason behind this is a candidate leaving in a country needs to pay taxes to the government.  Pan card keeps track of your financial transactions. Tax department of India provides you unique 10 digits pan number which you may use for further verification processes.

How can you apply for a pan card in India?

Today’s technology had come to the next level, everything is possible being online. Same as that We have 2 ways to apply for pan card online one is through NSDL WEBSITE and the other one is UTIITSL website.

Kindly remember that do not share your information through any other websites, Because these both portals are officially authorized by the Indian government. It’s pretty simple to apply for a pan card online let’s start the process..

Steps to apply for pan card online


  • The applicant first has to visit the visit the official NSDL website and he/she have to fill out the application form (49A). Don’t forget to go through the all details provided on the website before you proceed to fill out the form.
  • If you are a citizen of India and your address is in India itself then you need to pay a fee of just 93rs with GST. If your address belongs a to a foreign country then you need to pay an amount of 864 + GST.

Documents provide

  • valid address proof
  • identity of your date of birth

For the complete list of documents CHECK HERE. After you are done with all steps you will receive you pan card to your address within the given time limit.

If you need any corrections in pan card after the approval of card then you can just go to THIS FORM.  Again the procedure is the same as before you have to pay the same amount for making any corrections.

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